We’ve been playing on Fort Biscuit’s Feed The Beast Horizons server and it’s amazing but unfortunately, we need more players to keep the server up!

If you’ve never played FTB, it’s fine! Just download the launcher here and start it up, download the Horizons modpack and then launch (this part WILL take a while, don’t panic!)

If you have any problems with the launcher, send me a message and I will try to help you!

If you then feel like it, send me a message here on tumblr and I will give you all the details you need to join the actual multiplayer server!

Please come and play with us! We really want to keep our server running!

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I’ll continue tomorrow! :D

But it’s 6 am now so … good night XD

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Okay so I just hit 12k

and uh wow thank you so much guys I don’t even know how to ??? respond????

So I’ll lift the the ‘no request’ thing for a bit and in reply to this post request whatever you want and I will try to doodle as many as I possibly can.

Keep in mind it’s like 3am here so uh I might do them tomorrow.

So yeah thank s again <333 and…. ask away??

EDIT: No more requests please, I’ll try to finish as many as I can tomorrow :)

It’s been a year and Burnie still hasn’t learned.

To all those back in school already… Good luck brave soldiers.

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Kind of a sequel to this :)

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Realized that the last time I drew the RWBYgirls it was slightly rushed so…. have this?

Michael what are you doing, in no way is that an uncommon hoard.

Based off of Gubs and Romana talking about this

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do you ever not break a computer, tablet or loose a stylis? ahhahah


And you guys don’t even know about my phone problems this year

Am I cursed or just an idiot

the world may never know

Captain’s log:

Week 2 without a computer. Am slowly losing my mind. Limited access to the internet and no Skype access has broken down my soul.

Had to resort to scribble with a pen.

Send help quick

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Old computer was broken so I bought a new one right

Guess what

it’s broken

And I’ve had no internet for 2 weeks

I miss you guys

I’ll see you all when I can. Sooner rather than later I hope.