We’ve been playing on Fort Biscuit’s Feed The Beast Horizons server and it’s amazing but unfortunately, we need more players to keep the server up!

If you’ve never played FTB, it’s fine! Just download the launcher here and start it up, download the Horizons modpack and then launch (this part WILL take a while, don’t panic!)

If you have any problems with the launcher, send me a message and I will try to help you!

If you then feel like it, send me a message here on tumblr and I will give you all the details you need to join the actual multiplayer server!

Please come and play with us! We really want to keep our server running!

Reminder that this is still a thing
Pleeeaaase come play with us :)

Silver doesn’t even exist in Minecraft gosh Geoff


i’m crying
(credit to giannina)

I’m sorry


i’m crying

(credit to giannina)

I’m sorry

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Some King Gavin art uwu

some of it B) there’s more coming of course

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Sleep is for the weak  

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hmmmmmmmmmmmmm I kinda want to stream but I also haven’t slept in 36 hours

what do


Guess who’s gonna stream
 in like 40 minutes



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Remember this? I said I’d do the Gents next :) It took me a while but here it is !

I guess I gotta do the Lads again. And then everyone else too.

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